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Products & Services

Dank Hydro Supplies is bringing you the best products at the best prices available as well as years of knowledge and experience to help you reach your goals. Call or stop by to see all we have to offer.

We offer Athena, Floraflex, House & Garden, General Hydroponics, Fox Farms, Gaia Green to name a few. 

Dank Pheno Farms H.Q. 190429172912 - Edi

Need some help with growing? Commercial or hobby, no job is too small or large. Our knowledgable staff can help build your dream facility from the ground up. Ask about bulk pricing for commercial grows.


We offer an assortment of the finest T5's, LED's, HPS, and CMH's in today's industry.

Intergrated Pest Managment  (I.P.M.)
Sanition Standard Operating Procedures (SSOP)

We offer integrated pest management and sanitation equipment for all crops dealing with fungus or soft shelled bugs. If you're having a problem, we can help resolve it. 

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